Saturday, August 3, 2013

The blurb is the word...

It took me upwards of 150,000 words to write Song Eight Six. 

Here is my attempt to explain everything that happens in those 500+ pages in the amount of text it takes to fill the back of my book cover:

What if a world beyond all you’ve ever imagined really existed?
And what if choosing it only cost you everything you’ve ever loved?

Cosette Miller had all she ever wanted—Westley Greene. But when the love of her life is caught up in the riptide of a hometown tragedy, Cosette finds herself mourning the loss of the “normal” she’s always clung to and begins to ask what she’s never had to wonder before: 

What more could there be to life than Westley?

Cosette’s journey for an answer to leads her to Micah, a familiar stranger who shows her a world beyond her own where she discovers the super behind all that is natural, and a life of meaning and purpose that she’s never allowed herself to dream of. Once Cosette’s eyes have been opened – she can’t force them shut again.

To know is to face a choice, and no matter her decision—there will be a price to pay. 

I can't wait for you to read this.