I must first give my humble thanks to The Author. Thank you to God for unconditionally loving me and giving me the choice to love you back.

Thank you to my husband, Jonathan. Without you, I couldn’t have written one word. You are the co-author of this book, and my co-author in life. I love you.

Thank you to my daughters for supporting my work in all the little ways you have. Your faith in me made this possible.

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Erica, and Kris. Your fingerprints are all over this book because your fingerprints are all over me.

Thank you to Bethany for enthusiastically and adamantly demanding I tell this story.

Thank you to Karen and Roy for knowing I was a writer before I knew it myself.

Thank you to Shelley and Julia. You were my biggest cheerleaders.

Thank you to Sue for your selfless gift. We miss you.

Thank you to my RP and HP families. You supported me, rooted for me, and loved me through this crazy dream of mine.

And to the others who pushed me, prayed for me, and joined me in this exciting adventure—thank you!

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