A music note from Lisabeth...

I hope you enjoy this Baby & Solo playlist! Consider it the "soundtrack to the motion picture" Baby & Solo. Joel would've definitely played it ad nauseum (the first six tracks, at least...) xoxo, LB

   Track 1:      What's the Frequency, Kenneth?     by REM   

   Track 2:      Livin' on a Prayer    by Bon Jovi   

   Track 3:      Doll Parts     by Hole   

   Track 4:      Waterfalls     by TLC   

   Track 5:      Jeremy     by Pearl Jam   

   Track 6:     Wannabe     by The Spice Girls   

   Track 7:      Sister     by The Nixons   

   Track 8:     All for You     by Sister Hazel   

   Track 9:     If You Could Only See     Tonic   

   Track 10:     Say It Ain't So     Weezer   

   Track 11:     Exit Music (For A Film)     Radiohead   

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